People have been asking me how I came to this Discovery. My truthful answer would be that it was a God given Gift. Another reason for the same would be this:  my son who lives in America visited India after a stop over at London. He arrived at home in India on his birthday. As is customary  I should have wished him Many Happy Returns of the Day but instead, as I was thinking of his long journey around the world, I wished him “Many Happy Revolutions of the same.” Like a flash of lightning it dawned upon me that there was no such thing as time but only distance. This led to my further understanding that neither there was any such thing as space nor time, but only Distance.



This realization led to my writing of the first Article, “Time and Space Do Not Exist – Only Distance Exists.”  Additions and improvements in the First Article have given rise to the second article,“ Only Distance Exists – Time  & Space do not Exist.” 



While speaking to an audience and also individuals I felt like the child in the crowd who exclaimed, “The King is naked!” in the fairy tale- “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. In that story, great master tailors pretend to make clothes for the emperor spun from such a fine (imaginary non-existing) yarn that is visible only to the honest people. All the people witnessing the King’s procession- not wanting to be considered dishonest - praise the King’s royal robes as being beautiful whereas the child truthfully exclaim that the King has no clothes on. It is the same here as well. Till now, man has lived with time, which is purely fictitious and imaginary, like the clothes for the Emperor spun from such a fine (imaginary non-existing) yarn which is invisible as it does not exist. The reaction of the people has been almost the same, as they have till now been brainwashed into believing in Time and Space which also does not Exist. Like the exclamation of the little boy about the truth of the “Emperor’s (Non-Existent) New Clothes”, I hope this Discovery shows quiet clearly the truth about the Myth of Time and Space (which are in reality non-existent) to the Readers.




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