This curve can be calculated mathematically as while standing on the Earth’s surface, we are seeing curved space.  As such we have taken this illustration. However any other curved surface could also be reduced to a distance. What is important to be noticed is that any kind of curved space could be reduced to a distance with a direction. 




Note: -  (14)


See Figure 27, we have space defined as a product

of the Distances on the X, Y & Z co-ordinates. We

see that as the Distance on Z axis approaches zero,

space disappears leaving behind only an area, which

is a product of the Distances on the Y & X axis.

Further we also see that as the Distance on the Y axis

approaches zero the area also disappears leaving a

Distance on the X axis. These distances have

direction as shown by the Z,Y & X axis’s. Let us

further consider that the X axis is also made shorter

& shorter so that we have a very, very short distance

not quite 0 but very close to it then we will still have a

very, very small distance with the Direction of the X

axis. Now, suppose the Distance of the X axis also

becomes 0, then there will be Nothingness which

is hard to comprehend, may be some thing like a BLACK

HOLE. Anyway that would be a separate Topic. So Finally

Only Distance Exists - However Small.




Note:-(15)“As the existence of Nothingness sounds like a Paradox.”


Note: - (16) It has been argued that there could not be a distance without space. This is, however, possible as according to C.P. page  877 Paragraph 28.2


The Principle of Relativity ” In order to describe a Physical event, it  is necessary to establish a frame of reference……in a laboratory, a co-ordinate system.  Let us therefore take a room having a height, length and breadth, then these may be treated as Co-ordinate axes, as ginen in the Notes (12) & (14) and which can be reduced to a distance and direction. (Whereby Space disappears and we have only a distance with a direction) As it is also in the case of the Note (12).   Remark: - A Brick house cannot be without a brick – (i.e. Bricks to build it) but a Brick can be by itself without a Brick house.


Further reference was also made to the Infinite outer Space. Here it may be pointed out that infinite means endless i.e. without a beginning or an end i.e. infinite has no beginning, as otherwise, the



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