It is very clearly explained in this book that TIME AND SPACE DO NOT EXIST -ONLY DISTANCE EXIST. The question of eliminating something that does not exist cannot arise.


Digital Time Pieces:

The way in which digital time pieces work is dependent on the movement of gears. These are also distance to distance relationships. See page 46, Fig. 23. The so called digital time piece would be in reality Digital Distance Piece.  It does not matter if the time Pieces ( DISTANCE PIECES ) have numerals instead of  Needles because these  Numerals will only show the number of Basics, Ranges and Portions which represent  the movement  of the Earth’s Equator. Please see Page 37, Fig.  20 (Note numerals have been used on the Earth’s Equator to express Basics and Ranges.)


Cesium-133 Atomic Clock: (From ordinary level Physics P. N. 11 – 12)

Quote out of Physics Book “Quartz clocks are themselves checked by cesium atomic clock at the national physical laboratory. Atomic clock is too complex a device to be described in detail, but briefly it is a radio transmitter giving out short waves about 3 cm long, the frequency of which is controlled by the energy changes in the gaseous cesium atom. The great advantage here is that the frequency (i.e. the number per second) of the changes is constant and not subject to error.”


“By using cesium clock, time intervals can now be measured with an error of not more than one second in 3000 years!. This is so much better than the results obtained by astronomical observations alone, so in 1967 a second was redefined as the time interval occupied by 9,192,631,770 cycles of a specified energy change in the cesium atom.” (See Page 43 Remark A)


A transverse wave is seen when one end of a piece of rope or string is moved up and down in a direction perpendicular to its length. The particles of the rope near the end exert a drag on their Neighbors, so that these begin to oscillate as well. The number of complete oscillations made in one second is called the frequency (f).(See Page 43 – Time)





Looking at the highlighted words above. An illustration of a wave is given in Fig. 22,. In the case of the cesium clock l is 3cm long. which consists of a wavelength (l) and amplitude (A), which are both distances. In   case of the cesium clock l is 3 cm long.




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