As shown by Dial 10B.15R Page 37 fig. 20, again looking at Dials 16B.30R & 21B.45R,  we notice that 30R is ½ of 60R and 45R is ¾  of 60R,B= 5mm i.e. 30R(= ½ 5mm) = 2.5mm and 45R(=3/4 5mm)=3.75mm.Therefore 16B.30R=16x3600Chkm + ½ 3600 = 59400Chkm.Revolved by the Earth’s Equator which is shown by the movement of Needle B on the Distance Piece Dial = 21 x 5 = 105 + (5 x .75) = 105 + 3.75 = 108.75mm and 21B.45R=75600+2700=78300 Chkm Revolution of the Equator would be shown as 108.75mm Rotation of Needle B on the Distance Piece Dial.


From the above it is quite clear that the distances moved by the Earth’s equatorial Circumferential Distance i.e. EECD (=L) is indicated by distance moved by the needles on the Distance Piece Dial Circumferential Distance i.e. DPDCDAs such it is clear that it is distance to distance relationship and only distances exist and time does not exist.


SUBSTITUTE:  According to dictionary  

  1. Person or thing acting or serving in place of another.
  2. Take the place of or put in the place of another.

It has been remarked that in the book TIME & SPACE DO NOT EXIST-ONLY DISTANCE EXISTS, distance has been used as a substitute for time. This can be compared to cotton and silk being used as a substitute for nylon or leather and pure rubber being used as a substitute for synthetic materials. There is no argument about this that this is wrong as it is the other way around. Nylon and synthetic materials were developed later and as such, have been used as substitutes for silk, cotton, leather and natural rubber. It is already explained under how distance caused time (See Page 29-30) “The opposite of..….only DISTANCE.”. It is clear that time is a function of (or more precisely, dependent on) distance (See Page 68) and is a figment of human imagination (for representing distances on the equator to distances on the so called time pieces which if you think of it are in reality distance pieces). The truth is that we have already shown transfer of distance DIRECTLY from the equator to distances on our Distance Pieces and do not need the INTRUSION OF TIME for this purpose.


As such on Page 6, Fig 1 it is shown that the earth is rotating on its own axis and does not mean that the students of Physics are not already aware of this phenomenon . The Earth rotates on its own axis a distance of 40075 Km causing a bright and dark stretch while facing the Sun or otherwise.  This DISTANCE (40075 km) has been further divided into 2 x 12 x 60 x 60 divisions, that is, as defined in this book as a 2 x Extent = 24 Basics x 60 Ranges x 60 Portions and which has been INTRUDED upon by this non- realistic creation of something which does not exist and which we  call  Time. And we conjure up (the scale being kept as the same for the purpose of comparison and easy understanding) and create        2   x 12hours x 60 minutes x 60 seconds and bring  these time divisions  as a substitute for the EXISTING REALITY WHICH  IS DISTANCE & ITS DIVISIONS. So we observe that time is being used as a Substitute for Distance and not the other way around, as explained above- nylon, for rubber etc. All this is done in order to transfer the distances on the equator to distances on the so called time pieces and then to interpret or call these DISTANCES on the time pieces as divisions of Time, while, in reality they are divisions of Distance. Refer also A Length (Day) in Sunita’s Life (See Page 31).


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