=1800 Chkm = 30R (as 1R= 60 Chkm  & 1800/60 = 30 Chkm) and this is illustrated on the Earth’s Equatorial Circumference as well as being matched on the Distance Pieces See Fig. 20. Page 37.


The Equator takes us further for a ride till we reach Basic 20 (Here one may hear some one exclaim “all these Km Travelled when I did not even step out of my House”- yes he is right about not having stepped out of his house but what he does not realize is that not only his House but the  whole City, and not only the City but the whole Country as a matter of fact the whole WORLD  has moved forward or Revolved i.e. 3600Chkm x20=72000Chkm ( =33395.832 km See Figure 20,  Page 37 ). It may not be out of place to point out here once again that this Revolutionary Movement of the Earth is with Respect (Relative) to the SUN and gives varying Temperature sensations and varying Brightness and Darkness effects such as Dawn, Dusk, Twilight, very Bright Light and Pitch Darkness. These changes of Light and Darkness and hot & cold gives us a general idea of changes in 1E (12B) or 1L (24B) and as we can’t see Stations Passing by as on a Railway Train, we Create for ourselves a Non existent, Imaginary myth and call it Time.   


This phenomena of Light and Dark, Hot & Cold is not only for the rotation of the Earth on its own axis but the Hot and cold areas that the Earth passes through during its orbit around the Sun, which depends on its distance from the Sun and also in which direction, the Earth’s axis is inclined. These factors also influence the length in Km of the Dark and Bright parts during 1L (1Length). Now if we divide 960,000,000 Km by 4 i.e. 960,000,000 ¸ 4 = 240,000,000 Km  (517,429,840 Chkm), then these 4 parts of the Earth’s Orbit around the Sun depending upon where the Earth is and the direction in which its axis is pointing, would cause varying Temperature conditions (i.e. Hot & Cold), also varying Dark and Light stretches in Km (Chkm) which would give rise to the 4 Seasons namely Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter which are contained in 1EO®S = 960,000,000 Km. And one Earth’s Orbit around the Sun also contains 12 Moon Orbits around the Earth i.e.   1EO®S  contains 12MO®E   which means 960,000,000 Km ¸ 12 = 80,000,000 Km is the Orbital Distance of the Earth around the Sun for one waxing and waning of the moon i.e. for one Orbit of the Moon around the Earth.1MO®i.e. the distance the earth moves in its orbit  around the Sun = 80,000,000 Km. Earth’s movement for 1L  is therefore  960,000,000 Km / 365.25 = 2,628,336.755647 Km and the Earth’s Orbiting Distance for  1B would be 2,628,336.755647 Km divided by  24 i.e. 2,628,336.755647 Km / 24 = 109,514.0314853 Km  1LO ≈ 2,628,337Km and               1Bo ≈ 109,514 Km. So not to talk of Orbital distances of the Earth around the Sun but the distances travelled by the Earth’s Equator on its own axis gives us a feeling of change. This distance moved by the Equator is displayed by a distance moved on the so called time piece (Should be called a Distance Piece) and we exclaim “ an hour has passed” for what is actually the Distance of 5mm moved by Needle B on the Dial  See  Fig. 21 Page 40.




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