5th November, 2002

Fateh S. Nabha's Discovery according to his Book “Time & Space is a Fiction - Only Distance is a Reality” eliminates the theory of Time and proves instead that in fact Distance is the Law. This is illustrated briefly below:-

The Earth's Equator which has a circumferential length of 40075 kms rotates repeatedly in front of the Sun. This revolutionary movement of the Earth is with respect (relative) to the Sun and gives varying Temperature sensations and varying Brightness, Shades and Darkness effects such as Dawn, Dusk, Twilight, very bright light and pitch darkness. These changes of Light and Darkness, Hot and Cold give us a general idea of change. As we cannot see stations passing by (as we would if we were taking a journey by train ) we Humans create for ourselves, a non-existent imaginary myth as a way of explaining these changes and call it Time which changes are in reality caused by Distances moved.

Now taking 1/ 24th of the Earth's equatorial revolutionary Distance which would be a distance interval of about 1670 kms moved with respect to the Sun. Corresponding to this, for example, an automobile may move a distance interval of 60 kms. Also corresponding to this the slowest needle of a wrist watch may move a distance interval of 5 mm. As such, we can say that the distance interval of 1670 kms moved by the Earth's Equator in front of the Sun and also the distance interval of 60 km moved by the automobile are both per 5 mm distance interval moved by the slowest needle on the wrist watch dial. From this illustration it is clear that these are all Distance to Distance relationships and there is no such thing as Time.

Also when one reads further in this Book, one will observe that there is no such thing as Space but is only a Distance.

(G. L. Bhalla)

Professor Dr. of Physics

Department of Physics & Astrophysics

University of Delhi

Delhi - 110 007.


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