There is no such thing as time and our lifespan depends upon the distance we travel due to the rotation of the Earth in front of the Sun and also the number of Orbits the Earth makes around the Sun; these revolutions in their given directions make us older. It may therefore be possible to make a Flying Machine which would fly in the opposite direction and faster than the Earth’s rotation on its own axis and the Earth’s Orbit around the sun; and this travel in the opposite direction should theoretically make a Passenger travelling on this flying machine younger. Whereas another passenger travelling faster in the same direction of the Earth’s rotation on its axis and the same direction of the Earth’s Orbit would become older, much faster.



The whole world is like  a rotisserie  on which chickens are roasted in front of Gas, except that  here it is  a slow roasting process in front of the  Sun. The  rotisserie is the earth’s globe on which we are riding and rotating in front of the  Sun. Plants grow up, Fruits & vegetables ripen. Also animals & humans grow up (in other words we also ripen), become aged and  schrivel up  due to  our  repeated exposures to the Sun, as  we travel in front of it on the globe.




Returning from a Function this evening I asked my wife in how much Km would we reach Home. She estimated the DISTANCE as about 7-8 Km. Sure enough we reached home in 6 Km maintaining the correct course (right route - keeping correct Directions). I also asked her in how much time would we reach home - she estimated 10-12 minutes. We, however, reached home in 8 minutes as there was not much traffic at that time on that Route.


It is interesting to observe that whatever the Traffic conditions the DISTANCE of the Destination on this Route is always 6 Km and is constant (fixed), whereas the Time would vary due to several factors at different commuting times of the Day - traffic conditions - road conditions - driving speed - traffic lights etc.


It is clear that the DISTANCE of the Destination is fixed in Km and direction - whereas the arrival time at the Destination is not fixed and would vary due to many reasons.


EXAMPLE 3 : A Length (L) (Day) in Sunita’s Life


Sunita is little girl of 15 Orbits (O) see Page 6 Fig.1 & Page 13. She studies in Hari Vatika Public School, Rewari. I, Saroj, am her English teacher. I teach her English. Our School starts at 9 Basics (B) (see Page 32 Fig 17). I don’t tolerate children being late for school. If they are later than five Ranges (R), then I make them standup on the bench with there hands above their head for about 1½ or 2 Ranges (R) as punishment for being late. The length of my lecture is 45 Ranges(R). Sunita has to attend 5 periods of 45 Ranges (R) each. At 11 Basics and 15 Ranges (R) there is a lunch break for the children of the school which lasts upto 20 Ranges (R) i.e. 11 Basics (B) and 15 Ranges to 11 Basics and 35 Ranges.


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