Fateh S. Nabha born in the 1935th Orbit grew up in the atmosphere of his father’s political struggle for freedom of India.  Coming from a Royal background he lacked nothing as a child but later, during the political struggle against British imperialism his father, together with the whole family was subjected to severe hardship. As a result of these conditions he became a free and an independent thinker. After private education at home he joined Bishop Cotton School at Shimla, followed by Punjab Matriculation after which he did his preparatory from Delhi University, and his F.Sc. from Allahabad University at St. George’s College Mussoorie. In the 1954th Orbit at the young age of 19 Orbits he went to West Germany for higher education and studied at the Technical University (T.H.) Stuttgart in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. From where much later on he received an Honorary Professor Doctorate for the Discover as described in this book. He also underwent practical training at the world famous factories of M/s. Diamler Benz and M/s Robert Bosch etc. Being inclined to free and independent thinking, Fateh S. Nabha has several Patents and Inventions to his credit. Coming from India with a Religious background and to West Germany, a country of Science & Engineering. Fateh S. Nabha went through a great mental turmoil trying to reconcile Religion, God, Science and Engineering. He prayed to “God” for enlightenment which he received in the middle of the 1956th Orbit. This enlightenment could also have been considered as a Discovery which is illustrated in the Diagram below.


See Fig I. It was known in those days that Matter and Energy were interchangeable. So he took Matter and Energy and put them both together on the X axis and Spirit on the Y axis. He then gave Matter & Energy (symbolically) one unit to Man, two units to the Animal and three units to the Plants on the X axis (on the X axis tending to infinity). Furthermore, he gave spiritually (symbolically )  one unit to the Plants, two units to the Animals and three units to the Man on the Y axis ( on the Y axis tending to infinity)  and then putting the spirit into the Matter and Energy of the Plants, animals and humans and by joining these points, one gets a curve the top end of which approaches the + Y axis’s infinity i.e. Godliness consisting of qualities such as love, truth, knowledge, work, faith, hope, duty, Distance (time). The negative direction of the Y axis would give the opposite of this which would be Devilishness. The end of the curve approaches the + X axis’s infinity i.e. Matter & Energy such as Rock, Stone, Metals, Coal, and Petroleum etc i.e. denser & denser matter with higher energy values. Whereas, the minus direction of the X axis would indicate anti–Matter & anti-Energy approaching infinite values.




Today his diagram at 68 Orbits, see fig II, in which you will see that the Plants are both materially, energy wise and spiritually more evolved than the animals and the animals more evolved than Man and Man the least evolved




This Book. “Time & Space is a Fiction – Only Distance is a Reality” is the first he has written which discusses a startling Discovery and could only be compared to Pythagoras’s Discovery that the Earth is round and not flat.


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